Are you a Military Service Veteran, Spouse or Dependent interested in attending the University of Iowa?


The University of Iowa Veterans Association is here to help you get in and get rolling. The links on the left side of the page can help you apply to the U of I and get acclimated to life at the University of Iowa.For more information on what it's like to be a student here at the U of I, take a look at our Student Profiles of our current UIVA Committee.

About us

The University of Iowa Military and Veteran Student Services Office provides numerous support services to students currently serving in the United States Armed Forces, Reservists, Guardsmen/women, veterans, and their families. All programs and services offered at Iowa are run for and by those who have served and continue to do so. Transition support for those at all stages of military service. Services included are: Mentoring and academic/career counseling, Opportunities to connect with faculty and staff, Referrals to both on- and off-campus resources, Job placement assistance and post-graduate support

University of Iowa Veterans Association

The UIVA serves and connects students that share the common bond of military service. The UIVA proudly supports our troops and pledges to offer them opportunities while on campus and after graduation. To learn more, visit University of Iowa Veterans Association, connect with the UIVA on Facebook, Twitter,a nd Instagram, or email  us at

How to apply

  1. Apply!—Learn about admissions requirements and apply online at University of Iowa Admissions Page
  2. Submit your military transcripts—Your military experience may be worth college credit. You can find links to official military transcripts for all services at University of Iowa Admissions - Military Transcripts. Have transcripts mailed by your military service directly to the Admissions Office at 108 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242.
  3.  Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)—Visit FAFSA to apply. For more information on financial aid, go to
  4. Apply for education benefits—Please come to the Veterans Services Office at 201D Communications Center and let us help you determine which type of education benefit is right for you. There are several varieties of GI Bill benefits. Your usage of one may take away eligibility for other programs. Apply for your federal GI Bill education benefits online at Veterans Affairs - Apply for Education Benefits. Once you complete your application, the VA will issue you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) that shows the educational benefits you are entitled to. You will need to bring this into the Veterans Services Office. Transfer students and returning students need only notify the Veterans Services Center to re-enroll in benefits.
  5. Submit information—To complete the application process, submit a certified copy of your form DD-214, the Veterans Worksheet, and COE to the Veterans Services Office at 201D Communications Center. A COE is not required to start the process, but will be needed before benefits can be issued. The Veterans Worksheet can be found at University of Iowa Registrar - GI Bill. You will receive your first benefit check approximately six weeks after the first day of class. You must resubmit the worksheet before every school year in order to continue receiving your GI Bill benefits.
  6. Submit the UI Verification Form (IVF)—IVF forms can be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. Within four weeks of your FAFSA submission, the Office of Financial Aid will send you a postcard telling you to print your UI Verification Form (IVF) from MyUI. Be sure to note loss of employment due to separation from military service. This will affect the amount of your financial aid.
  7. Register for medical benefits—Iowa City has its own VA Medical Center. OIF/OEF veterans are eligible for enhanced enrollment health benefits for five years after their most recent discharge from active duty. Apply online at Veterans Affairs - Ebenefits
  8. Apply for disability compensation and benefits—Apply to get disability compensation and benefits, if applicable. Apply online at Veterans Affairs - Ebenefits. It is recommended that veterans obtain assistance with their application from a Veterans Service Organization (VSO).
  9. Student Disability Services—Record your disability with the University of Iowa for accommodations and support. Call 319-335-1465 or visit University of Iowa - Student Life.
  10. . Apply for other scholarship and grant opportunities— Information can be found at University of Iowa - Financial Aid
  11. Find housing—Information on finding housing both on campus and off in the Iowa City/Coralville area is available at University of Iowa - Housing
  12. Get a job—Find information on employment opportunities at University of Iowa - Hire a Hawk
  13. Unemployment benefits—Recently discharged veterans are eligible for up to 39 weeks of unemployment insurance. For more information, go to Iowa Workforce Development
  14. Questions for the VA—If you have questions for the VA regarding GI Bill education benefits, go to Veterans Affairs - GI Bill and click on the “Submit a Question” button.
  15. Additional credit—Additional credit hours (up to 6) can be awarded for service by Army/Air Force ROTC, by appointment. Army: 319-335-9187/9192 Air Force: 319-335-9222
  16. Arrange direct deposit for your benefits—Call 877-838-2778 and provide your financial institution’s routing number, your account number, and the type of account (checking or savings).

All GI Bill processing for Iowa colleges and universities is done by: VA Regional Office PO Box 66830 St. Louis, MO 63166-6830


And as always if you have ANY QUESTIONS at all contact the two Veteran Resource Offices on campus below.

Matthew Miller, Program Director
Military and Veteran Student Services
111 Communications Center
116 South Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52242-1502
Ph: 319-384-2613

GI Bill Services
Room 201D Communications Center
116 South Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52242
Fax 319 335 3761