The UIVA is a student organization geared toward providing opportunities for veterans, Guard and Reservists, as well as Military Brats and spouses/permanent roommates that attend the University of Iowa. Here at Iowa we take a holistic approach to providing information to those transiting from the military, those who have been out for a while and those who are still serving. The programming we have here at Iowa takes into consideration our skills, background, diversity and is run for and by those who serve -- and continue to do so. We have a rich legacy of service here -- with 3 buildings being named after veterans here on campus. The organization is focused on building strong sense of esprit de corps and community as well as promoting the benefits of service and how that knowledge helps our community here on Iowa's campus. 

The University of Iowa has a space dedicated to veterans and is located in the Communications Building across from the Main Library on Madison Street. Known as the Vet’s Center here on campus, the space provides veterans a quite place with computer access and free printing, tutoring as well as social engagement and a forum is also available.

The UIVA is not a pro-war or anti-war organization and is specifically here to provide a conduit for military-affiliated students transition from the DoD way of life to a civilian way of life. 

Some events organized by UIVA student veterans are; the Warrior Challenge, “Eastern Iowa’s Best Urban Obstacle Race,”  and a "Veteran’s Day Week" where student veterans plant flags on the West Lawn of the Pentacrest as well as hold various events throughout campus to raise awareness about the military experience and how it affects all of us.

In addition to these structured and formal organized events, UIVA students organize outings akin to those that veterans might be accustom to from their time in service, social events, charity events and community outreach. 

In short, the UIVA is all the socialization perks one has in the military, without the drains of military obligations.