All Employers Should Recognize Veterans Day

 Tyler Gately, a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and member of the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America IAVA since 2009 started a petition for employers to recognize Veterans Day.  

The petition says:

After returning home from Iraq and transitioning back to civilian life, I was struck by what I missed when I took off the uniform. I missed the camaraderie. I missed my battle buddies. I missed being a part of something bigger than myself.

So when I started a job that didn’t celebrate Veterans Day, I was taken aback. Vets Day was the one day a year that I could regain that feeling of veteran fellowship I took for granted while I was in the Army. And I decided to do whatever it took to celebrate the day properly with my brothers and sisters who served.

As the only veteran out of a company of 45 employees, I actually petitioned my bosses to make the day a holiday. But in the end I had to use a personal day to join the Veterans Day celebrations in my hometown. But while I’m grateful that my company provided that flexibility, I know many tens of thousands of veterans are not provided the ability to have the day off.

Veterans Day is an official holiday for the federal government and for all 50 states. However, for too many veterans in the private sector, Veterans Day is just another workday.

As part of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s (IAVA) Policy Agenda – an 11-point plan for policymakers, non-profits and the private sector to support our vets – I’m joining my post-9/11 veteran friends in calling on all employers to recognize the most important day of the year for those who served our country.

Veterans Day is meant to bring together Americans from every walk of life – civilians and veterans alike – to honor the service and sacrifices of veterans. But for too many veterans, their families and friends, and civilians who wish to thank the vet community, Veterans Day cannot be properly recognized and celebrated as the special day it is.

Please sign this petition calling on all employers to help honor our nation’s veterans by giving their employees a day off on Veterans Day.

Tyler Gately
Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Army,
IAVA member since 2009

 Please Join The University of Iowa Veterans Association in signing this petitions so that  All Employers Recognize Veterans Day!