Veterans' Day Chair

Michael Considine is a member of the 185th Air National Guard in Sioux City, Iowa and is still enlisted as an Avionics Technician. He enjoys planning events for the UIVA and is the co-founder of the Warrior Challenge and the Veterans Day Flag Display. He always remains "Cautiously Optomistic" that things will all turn out alright. Michael is pursuing a double major in Finance and Mangment & Organizations. He currently works as an intern at Aegon USA in Cedar Rapids while he is finishing his last semester at Iowa. He is set to graduate in December of 2015. After graduation Michael hopes to continue his military career and fly F-16s for an Air National Guard unit. 

CodeName: The Wing Commander

Favorite Movie: Iron Eagle

Favorite Class at Iowa: American Foreign Policy with Brian Lai

Favorite Beer: Herr of the Dog - Lions Bridge Brewery